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Please consider these services as building blocks for a customized plan for your family. We believe every family is unique and special. We recommend you discuss your goals with us before deciding on a particular service. Not in our backyard? No problem, we offer our services via phone, Skype, etc. for Wholesome friends everywhere!

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Education is at the forefront of our core values. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge with you. Do you have an event, group, meeting or organization that wants Wholesome to speak?

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See Allie's feature in the November issue of Birmingham Magazine. Honored to be the featured Savvy Business Entrepreneur, she shares some of the roots and success of Wholesome.

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Allie Black
Founder of Wholesome by Allie

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   Our Nutritionist

R. Mark Stowe is a nutritionist licensed by the Florida Board of Medicine in addition to being the owner of Nutrition Cottage, Inc. for over 30 years which is the oldest family owned and independent natural foods business in south Florida. He has an active nutritional counseling practice in addition to speaking regularly to civic, business and professional organizations where he educates and motivates consumers about wellness, achieving optimum health and the importance of taking personal responsibility for your own health. Stowe is well known both on a national and local basis having served as President of the Natural Products Assn. (NPA) where he testified before Congress and represented the industry at both a state, national and international level plus serving for many years as the popular host of a nutritional radio talk show. He has received numerous industry awards and recognitions among them being the NPA's Champion Award and the Natural Foods Merchandiser industry leadership award recognizing the top 25 entrepreneurs, merchants and visionaries who helped build and shape the natural products industry.

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