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Please consider these services as building blocks for a customized plan for your family. We believe every family is unique and special. We recommend you discuss your goals with us before deciding on a particular service. Not in our backyard? No problem, we offer our services via phone, Skype, etc. for Wholesome friends everywhere!

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Education is at the forefront of our core values. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge with you. Do you have an event, group, meeting or organization that wants Wholesome to speak?

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Wholesome in the Media:
    Over The MountainJournal Cover 12.10
  • Allie is featured in the December issue of the Over The Mountain Journal. A great seasonal feature discussing how to have a Happy, and Healthy, Holiday. Wholesome is proud of the great feedback we have received from the article!

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  • Birmingham Mag Cover 11.10
  • See Allie's feature in the November issue of Birmingham Magazine. Honored to be the featured Savvy Business Entrepreneur, she shares some of the roots and success of Wholesome.

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  • In the August 2010 issue of 280 Living, Allie's bio is shared with readers who saw her article the month prior.

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  • Village_Living_Vol_1_Iss_4_pg_01
  • Have you seen Allie's contributing article for the July issue of Village Living on 'living clean locally?' She shows readers how they can make some easy shopping choices in the villages of Mountain Brook and adopt Wholesome's motto of simple, healthy, living.

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Our Client Reviews:
  • “I feel so empowered now. I see the supermarket in a whole new way. I've tossed out the old syrup and jelly and feel so much better about what we eat. I also find I am eating less as I am eating more consciously. Thank you for all your help!!! I'm a huge fan!”

    ~ Lee Alice, Crestline, Alabama

  • “I spent 3 hours with Allie at the grocery store and it was a great experience. I feel like I am really making strides in providing the best possible nutrition and "clean" foods, snacks and drinks for my family. I was surprised by some of the things I learned... who knew pretzels have high fructose corn syrup? I was also thrilled to discover many affordable, organic options for the foods we eat the most. Thank you Allie for helping my family!”

    ~ Shaun, Mountain Brook, Alabama

  • “Since I always checked out the calories, I thought we were pretty healthy. I had no idea that I needed to be reading the ingredients and that I was passing by much better choices at the grocery store! By doing the Wholesome Enchilada, my whole family has changed our eating habits and we are all excited about our better, healthier choices. Thank you Allie for your wealth of knowledge and material!”

    ~ Betsy, Cherokee Band, Alabama

  • “Working with Wholesome was an educational experience for me. Our family has made quite a few changes about the way we approach food, especially making better choices to use more natural ingredients whenever possible. I feel like the grocery store doubled in size after working with Allie; there are so many wonderful products out there that I never realized were even there, and many things we were already doing were not as bad as I originally thought. I feel empowered to make better decisions when I buy food and I don't feel as guilty when my children eat quick snacks on the go because I know the foods they are choosing from are good for them!”

    ~ Kristi, Huntsville, Alabama

  • “I couldn't be more pleased with the services I received! I have learned so much! I am looking forward to learning more and using the Wholesome Way service soon. I love how realistic and encouraging Allie is. Thank you, Allie! You have saved me hours of research and information I would have probably not been able to find out on my own.”

    ~ Amanda, Mobile, Alabama

  • "Allie's service were well worth the money. She knows her stuff and showed both efficiency abd patience in our consult at Publix. Taking it aisle by aisle, I learned to read labels, choose brands and find healthy substitutes for my kids favorite snacks. Best of all, I now have a customized shopping list. Even if you think you're eating well, I recommend letting Allie take a crack at your buying habbits."

    ~ Kari, Mountain Brook, Alabama

  • "I felt completely overwhelmed and didn't even know where to begin. Allie sat down with me and gave me an individual plan with research and advice on how to clean up how we were eating and living. Having her come into my home and show me how to cook & prepare it all was such a blessing too."

    ~ Roxanne, Crestline, Alabama

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